June 15, 2022

Sweet Midsummer: Strawberry Cake in Five Ways

Few things say Swedish midsummer as much as a strawberry cake with lots of whipped cream. Here is a brief history of Sweden’s most beloved midsummer dessert and five ideas on how to vary it.


Until the middle of the 20th century, strawberries on the midsummer table were far from common. In the old peasant society, it would have been unheard of to waste valuble arable land on something that could not feed many or be stored for a long time.


The foods on today’s midsummer table are fairly new. The oldest are probably the pickled herring and the ”nubbe” (snaps), while the newly harvested small potatoes, sour cream, grilled meats, and strawberries are all traditions that have been added at different times throughout the 20th century.


The sweet ending to the meal could historically be different kinds of fruits and berries, an apple pie, or a “fresh gooseberry cake with yellow puffy custard” as a menu proposal from 1923 reads.


Still today, many people may prefer their midsummer strawberries with just cream (and maybe a little sugar), but the strawberry cake has become strong in recent years as an alternative to underline the festive nature of the day.


If you want to keep to tradition while also trying something a new, why not try one of these versions of midsummer cake?



Red Velvet

A true eye-catcher inspired by an American classic. Just switch the cream cheese frosting to whipped cream and top with plenty of strawberries.




Raw Vegan

A cake made with only fresh, uncooked ingredients. The base is made of ground cashew nuts and almonds. Covered with two different raw mousses, coconut oil, almond milk, slightly overripe bananas, and strawberries.



French Mousse

Paris-style elegance! A cake filled with a creamy strawberry mousse and covered with pink cocoabutter spray and glaze. Decorated with meringues, strawberries, and figs.




Frozen Cheesecake

A simple, yet delicious modern classic. A no-bake frozen cake with strawberry flavored cream cheese filling. Perfect for when the midsummer temperatures hit the extreme highs.





Another classic. To be made as a whole cake or as appetizing miniatures. Made with a whipped cream and lemon curd filling and generously topped with fresh strawberries.


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