From baking trays and molds to sticks, trolleys and accessories. We have a wide range of bakery and pastry equipment for fast delivery. We can also custom manufacture according to your wishes and specifications.


Bakery Equipment


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Knut Johansen

We are growing and have now opened a sales office in Trondheim and say a warm welcome to Knut Johansen, our new salesperson there. Knut started as a baker's apprentice when he was 16, took a Gesällbrev, went to Oslo and became Pastry Chef at the Grand Hotel, moved on to Vienna and worked as a pastry chef before moving to Oslo and studying economics at the Handelshøyskolen. After his studies, Knut worked both as an Operations Manager at various bakeries and patisseries, but also as a Salesman for 10 years at a reputable supplier to the bakery industry .

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Ole Bretvik

Trained baker. Already started as a 16-year-old as an apprentice in a bakery where he then worked for 12 years and at the same time trained and took a journeyman's certificate as a baker and pastry chef. After that, he was a test baker and salesman at a large raw material supplier before, together with a colleague, he bought and ran Høibakk Konditori. After 3 years, he sold the patisserie and became sales manager at a large and reputable machine supplier. Ole is now a co-owner and CEO of RUNEX AS in Norway.

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Admir Talic

Started working with us in 2007, first as a workshop worker for a few years, then with customer service and as a salesperson. Today he is a KAM salesperson in Sweden with responsibility also for Export. Admir has solid knowledge of both our products and processes and also knows the bakery industry and its needs well. After completing a course in sourdough baking with Stefan J. Petersen at Grevlunda Mathantverk, he can also call himself a baker - right?

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Equipment for professionals - by professionals

We are close to you and we know bakery and confectionary - we are all bakers and confectioners.

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The world's largest manufacturer of industrial baking sheets, baking forms and nonstick coatings. 


Tired of lining molds? - Buy a Cookmatic

Bake as many of the pros - use a Cookmatic. The modern way to make your own shells, crusts, tartlets, canapés, custards, etc. Base unit with replaceable plates. Available in many shapes and sizes.

Bakery racks with many advantages

  • Z-racks save a lot of space when empty racks nest into each other.
  • Stainless steel chassis and wheel forks.
  • Square tube for maximum strength.
  • Large 100mm wheels roll easy and take a lot of payload.
  • Round corners are gentle to dust covers.
  • In-house manufacturing with short delivery times.
  • We can make for any tray size and with any number of rungs (runners, shelves).

Do you have all you need for baking cakes?

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Silicone mould for cakes

Silicone - a fantastic material for fantastic bakers. Pastries and desserts easily release from the mould that withstands high and low temperatures and is easy to clean.

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Palette knives

Straight or angeled in different sizes.

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Silicone moulds for pastries

Silikonformarna tål mikrovågsugn, ugn, diskmaskin, kyl och frys. Vi har formar i flera olika storlekar och former - till priser som verkligen tål att jämföras

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Cake rings

Available heights 40, 50 and 60mm. Many sizes. We can produces according to your needs.

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Love and Happiness

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4-sided trays

Finns 20, 25, 40, 50 och 60mm höga. Många olika storlekar. Vi kan även tillverka efter dina behov

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Many different shapes and sizes.

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Chocolate melter

Many different sizes. Very good price. 

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Sponge cake slicer

Sturdy quality saw with 3 knives.

For Bakers By RUNEX - #ForBakersByRUNEX

Find most of what you need of bakery equipment from Scandinavia's oldest and most experienced manufacturer of baking trays, baking tins and nontoxic nonstick silicone coatings. Established 1972. Often copied. Rarely exceeded.