Custom Manufacturing

Runex can design and manufacture custom bakeware and racks, trollies, tables, and dollies to meet your bakery’s specific needs.


Sizes & Arrangements: Customize your overall pan size, mould arrangements, and dimensions.

Mould Designs: Create unique mould designs for signature products.

Materials: Build your pan from strong and durable materials such as aluminum, aluminized steel, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, etc.

Coatings: Select one of our proprietary coatings: AMERICOAT®, RilonHard, RilonElast, OptiShield®, or DuraShield® in standard or custom colors.

Racks, Trollies, Tables, & Dollies

Sizes: Customize your overall rack, trolley, table, or dolly size.

Rungs: Create a unique design or use the standard assortment.

Materials: Build your racks, trollies, and dollies from strong and durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. We also build tables with wooden work tops.

Frame Type: Select from many rack frame types, including our most popular Z-type frame due to its space saving design.

Features: Choose accessories that complement your bakery’s unique equipment. If necessary, order steerings, fixings and brakes, or softer wheels.


How can we help you?

With our highly skilled Runex team in Scandinavia – and our now globally extended sales team at American Pan – we are here to help you!