PFAS – Today's worst environmental hazard?

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PFAS – worse than PCB and DDT?

You can reduce the spread of PFAS by choosing silicone instead of fluoroplastics (Teflon).

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PFAS is the collective name of a large group of perfluorinated (highly fluorinated) substances, some of which are extremely hard to degrade, bioaccumulative and toxic, and that we all (> 98% of the adult population) unfortunately have in our blood today - we did not have that before.

PFAS potentially has serious health risks and may be carcinogenic, cause liver damage, affect reproduction, affect the immune system, cause hormone changes, etc.

PFAS is spreading to the environment by many products we use in our everyday lives, such as fluorocarbon non-stick coatings (Teflon).

PFAS is today everywhere in the environment, even in the food we eat and the water we drink. The substances are spread through products invented by humans, which are very popular because they repel water, dirt and grease.

The Madrid Declaration of 2015 which requires a stop for all types of PFAS has been signed by more than 200 leading researchers in the field from 38 countries.

The EU Commission, in its latest research summary, calls for a phase-out of PFAS. Legislation is a slow tool so you and I must act and lead the way, to save our health and the environment.

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The Madrid Declaration on PFAS

What do 200 researchers and scientists say about PFAS?

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Choose silicone

You can reduce the spread of PFAS by choosing silicone instead of fluoroplastics (Teflon).

A good quality silicone coating is usually the most cost effective option.

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