Recoating - For Bakers by RUNEX

tinsets old and recoated

Recoating of Bakeware with silicone

Your old, dirty, worn-out  baking trays and baking tins will be as good as new.

Rune Nilsson was the baker who sold his bakery and started RUNEX in 1972 and began offering recoating of baking sheets and baking tins. It was almost the only product we had to offer at the beginning. Much has happened since then. But it still happens that we get the question from bakers if it is really possible to recoat their old bakeware that are so dirty and worn. The answer is almost always: YES! But if the tray or tin is so dented and broken that it is soon ready to scrap, it may not be worth recoating. It may not last for the entire life of the new silicone treatment. NB! Fluoroplastic coated aluminium sheets cannot be recoated because the removal of the old coating requires so high temperatures for so long that aluminum loses most of its strength, the tray becomes so soft and weak that it becomes unusable.

We arrange pickup, cleaning and recoating of your old baking sheets and baking pans at a much lower cost than buying new ones -  and they will be almost as new again .

Saves Money

Much lower cost to recoat bakeware compared to buying new, or using expensive silicone paper or grease with all its added costs for cleaning and waste.

Saves the Environment

Work environment: Get rid of grease that makes everyting dirty and messy.
Nature: Silicone paper contributes to the harming the nature through forest depletion, manufacturing, transport and waste destruction.

What do your want your customers to see?

Old, dirty, filthy looking bakery equipment or clean, bright, freshly looking trays and tins?

Order Recoating

Just pack your old bakerware carefully and contact us. We take care of the rest.