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Fantastic bakery equipment for fantastic bakers and pastry chefs

The history of RUNEX begins with Rune Nilsson, a baker who started his own bakery. He later sold the bakery to focus on manufacturing silicone-coated baking trays which he discovered served a great need in the industry. That was in 1972 and a lot has happened since then. Today you will find a very large selection of equipment and machines for everything you need to prepare food for your bakery or pastry shop. Rune's passion and strong desire to develop and deliver affordable, quality products remains essential for everything we do. We operate in Sweden, Norway and the UK.

Our hashtag is #ForBakersByRUNEX but it could as well be #ForBakersByBakers

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RUNEX Sweden

It began in 1972 in the small town of Finspång, about two hours drive south of Stockholm. Here is our largest production factory and warehouse. We produce baking sheets and baking pans and do silicone coatings of bakeware, new as well as recoating of old, dirty and worn-out products. Our revolutionary nonstick technology is part of what makes us unique. We make both the possible and the impossible happen. We also manufacture bakery trollies and racks of stanless steel and trade a lot of tools and equipement that you need in your bakery or pastry shop. Here is a large inventory ready for fast delivery.

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RUNEX Norway

Started 1995 in Mjøndalen. Ole Bretvik leader and partner.   

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RUNEX England

Started 1988 and are based in Luton, UK where we have a state-of-the-art production facility for cleaning and recoating old baking trays.

For many years we have been the primary supplier of baking equipment to a large supermarket which has over 500  instore bakeries and more than 250,000 trays and tinsets in circulation which we continuously recoat. In order to maximize the best experience for our customers we have developed a system and database for planning the next recoating based on historic data for every unique bakery. We call it 'Active Management' and it ensures that every bakery gets the life-cycle costs for their baking trays and nonstick coatings.

Bakery Equipment

Find most of the equipment you need for your bakery or pastry shop.

Runex AB

Leverstorpsvägen 6, SE-612 44 Finspång
Tel: 0122 249 90

Admir Talic - Sales, 076 624 03 36
Robert Tell - Sales, 070 421 71 94
Barbro Johansson - Purchase
Muharem Talic - Production
Frank Adelman - Accounting, IT
Pär Adelman - CEO

Västberga Allé 9, SE-126 30 Hägersten

Reg: 556168-4134
VAT: SE556168413401

Bankgiro: 407-8960
IBAN: SE3295000099602600809608

Runex AB (NUF)

Strandveien 39-41, NO-3050 Mjøndalen 
Tel: 62 81 33 55

Ole Bretvik - General Manager, Sales, 46 89 68 18
Knut Johansen - Sales, 97 58 48 26
Pär Adelman, CEO

Granåsveien 1, NO-7069 Trondheim

Reg: 998 374 804
VAT: NO998374804MVA

Bankkonto: 6021.06.31162
IBAN: NO7660210631162

(Runex AS, Reg: 975 348 997)

Runex Ltd

14 Bilton Way, LU1 1UU Luton, England
Tel: 01582 51 22 22
Fax: 01582 51 22 23

Mandy Akroyd – General Manager, Sales
Pär Adelman – CEO

Reg: 2298571
VAT: GB492025554

SORT: 60-13-28
A/C: 54630509
IBAN: GB20NWBK60132854630509