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For Bakers By Bakers!

Now we have attended a course and learned to bake sourdough bread on organic cultural cereals. Our teacher was Stefan J. Petersén at Grevlunda Mathantverk outside Kivik in Österlen. So those of us who were not bakers before may be able to call us that now, even if we do not hold an Apprentice Certificate.

Our hashtag is #ForBakersByRUNEX but could as well be #ForBakersByBakers

Ole Bretvik is the Norwegian part of our fantastic "bakers-team". He started 16 year's old as an apprentice in a bakery where he then worked for 12 years as baker and pastry chef. Then he was a test baker and salesman at a large raw material supplier before he, together with a colleague, bought and ran Høibakk Konditori. After 3 years, he sold the pastry shop and became sales manager at a large and reputable machine supplier.

Today Ole is parter and Managing Director of Runex AS in Norge.

Heléne Franzén has been part of our fantastic "bakers-team" for 2 years. She is a graduate baker and confectioner from St Göran's high school and the Restaurant Academy in Stockholm under Jan Hedh's management and has worked in the industry with everything from specialty cakes in small pastry shops to large 100-liter doughs in industrial bakeries. For 8 years, Hélene ran her own bakery and kitchen - Rejmyre Brödbod - before she became Bakery Manager at ICA Kvantum Hageby. In addition to working at RUNEX, she also has a part-time job as a teacher at the bakery and patisserie course at Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium.

Roger Johnson is the newest addition to our fantastic team. He started as a pastry apprentice in Hässleholm in 1975 where he learned the profession from scratch and then worked on several different bakeries and pastry shops before in 1991 he acquired his own and ran Sandys Konditori for 10 years. There, they produced and sold the old traditional assortment with food bread, buns, small breads, cakes, wedding cakes, sandwiches and lighter lunches such as salads, pies, etc. Most sales were over the counter with serving, but also deliveries to petrol stations, restaurants and stores.

Roger joined us a year ago and works as salesman covering southern and western Sweden from our new site in Hässleholm.

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For Bakers By Bakers!

The history of RUNEX begins with Rune Nilsson, a baker who started his own bakery. He later sold the bakery to focus on manufacturing silicone-coated baking trays which he discovered served a great need in the industry. That was in 1972 and a lot has happened since then. Today you will find a very large selection of equipment and machines for everything you need to prepare food for your bakery, or café. Rune's passion and strong desire to develop and deliver affordable, quality products remains essential for everything we do. We operate in Sweden, Norway and the UK.

Our hashtag is #ForBakersByRUNEX but it could as well be #ForBakersByBakers


Which nonstick coating do you choose?

Choose RilonElast if you care about both your wallet and the environment.

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What is PFAS?

PFAS = Per- and polyFluorinated Alkylated Substances

PFAS is a collective name for approximately 5000 industrially produced chemicals. They are used in a large number of products. PFAS are widely distributed in the environment, extremely persistent and some are toxic. (Source: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

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Z-racks save a lot of space when empty racks nest into each other.

Stainless steel chassis and wheel forks.

Square tube for maximum strength.

Large 100mm wheels roll easy and take a lot of payload.

Round corners are gentle to dust covers.

In-house manufacturing with short delivery times.

We can make for any tray size and with any number of rungs (runners, shelves).

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RUNEX Hässleholm

We expand and have opened Sales Office in Hässleholm. Regional Sales Manager for South & West is Roger Johnson. Roger has extensive experience as baker and confectioner and has also run his own pastry shop for many years.

Making tart crusts? - Buy a Cookmatic

Bake as many of the pros - use a Cookmatic. The modern way to make your own shells, crusts, tartlets, canapés, custards, etc. Base unit with replaceable plates. Available in many shapes and sizes.

Stylish and practical disposable cups

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For Mousse Pannacotta Icecream Yoghurt Dessert Fingerfood

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Disposable cup  Stylish Praktical Modern Exclusive 

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Available in several shapes and sizes.

Do you have all you need for baking cakes?

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Silicone mould for cakes

Silicone - a fantastic material for fantastic bakers. Pastries and desserts easily release from the mould that withstands high and low temperatures and is easy to clean.

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Palette knives

Straight or angeled in different sizes.

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Silicone moulds for pastries

Silicone moulds withstand microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge and freezer. Available in several sizes and shapes - at prices that withstands comparison.

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Cake rings

Available heights 40, 50 and 60mm. Many sizes. We can produces according to your needs.

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Love and Happiness

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4-sided trays

Available height 20, 25, 40, 50 and 60mm. Många olika storlekar. We can produces according to your needs.

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Many different shapes and sizes.

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Chocolate melter

Many different sizes. Very good price. 

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Sponge cake slicer

Sturdy quality saw with 3 knives.

For Bakers By RUNEX - #ForBakersByRUNEX

Find most of what you need of bakery equipment from Scandinavia's oldest and most experienced manufacturer of baking trays, baking tins and nontoxic nonstick silicone coatings. Established 1972. Often copied. Rarely exceeded.